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Ripon's complete laundry, ironing, repairs and table linen hire service

12 North Street, Ripon, HG4 1JY

Opening times

Monday to Saturday: 9am - 7pm

Phone: 01765 279268
Mobile: 07881 436741

We're opposite Ripon's new Curzon cinema - so why not drop off your stuff and let us do the work while you watch a film!

Our services include:

Dry Cleaning now available!

Now we can offer you the highest standard of Dry Cleaning at a very competitive price.

  • Technology Used: Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care System, by an independent Green Earth Dry Cleaner with over 50 years of experience.
  • Please contact us for more details

Self Service wash

The Ripon laundrette has got self operating machines which individuals can operate. Drying washed clothes is made very simple and economical. With 8 washing machines you should always find an empty machine to put your washing in. Please see our charges for more detail.

Contract wash

The new management has increased their customer service by adding Contract Services. Now you no longer have to worry about washing, drying and ironing your laundry. The Ripon laundrette will have a contract with you to pick up your laundry, wash, dry, iron (when instructed) and drop off. Please contact us for more details.

Pick up & drop off laundry from place of your choice

This service is offered keeping in mind all professionals who would rather spend their precious free time with family and friends and not worry about laundry. It also gives opportunity for all our elderly people to do things they enjoy the most and not worry about washing, drying and ironing whilst standing for far too long. The Ripon laundrette will pick up your laundry from home or at your place of work. On completion of wash, dry and iron (where instructed) these items will be returned to you at a place of your choice. We intend to keep the cost of this service very low hence the charges for pick-ups and drop off may be free or a small charge depending upon distance travelled. Please contact us for more details.

Table linen - Hire Service

The Ripon laundrette provides Table Linen for hire. The Ripon vibrant society thrives with lots of social and professional events to wine and dine. Table Linen hire facility can raise standards and convenience very economically, by providing fresh clean Linen instead of paper cover and paper napkins. Please contact us for more details.

Alterations & Repair

This service is provided to customers who wish to alter Trousers, Linens, Curtains etc as well as small/large garments repairs. Please see our charges for more detail.


We wash and re-treat waterproof garments and equipment. Please contact us for more details.


For a complete list and discounts facilities, please speak to Ripon-Laundrette staff or contact us

Self-service wash charges

Change required for machines: £1, 50p, 20p and 10p coins accepted.

  • Washing: £5.00 per wash
  • Drying: Starts from 50p (depends on load)

Service/ contract wash

Item/size Rate
Service wash (dried & folded) - per load £15.00
Duvet (synthetic) – Single (Rate based on 10.5 tog or less) £15.00
Duvet (synthetic) – Double (Rate based on 10.5 tog or less) £18.00
Duvet (synthetic) – King (Rate based on 10.5 tog or less) £20.00
Sleeping Bag (with Weather proof lining) £18.00
Bedspread king-size (synthetic) £20.00
Pillows x 2 (synthetic) £15.00

For our charges on other items or for different sizes/togs please speak to staff or contact us.

Pick-up & Drop Off

Charges vary depending on distance from Ripon laundrette - please speak to staff or contact us.

Pet & Horse Rug wash

Strictly – Service Wash only. Price will depend on the requirement for pre-wash and size - please speak to staff or contact us.

Hand Ironing rates

Prices strictly for Service Wash

For our charges on other items or items with frills/ bands, please speak to staff or contact us.

Item/size Rate
Shirt (from) £1.60
Pair of Trousers/ Shorts £1.50
Sheet Single (Plain) £1.00
Sheet Double (Plain) £2.00
Sheet King (Plain) £3.00
Duvet Cover Single (Plain) £1.00
Duvet Cover Double (Plain) £2.00
Duvet Cover King (Plain) £3.00

Alterations & Repairs:

Item/size Rate
Pair of Trousers £9.00
Repairs Small/single £10.00
Repairs Large/multi £20.00

For our charges to alter or repair other items please speak to staff or contact us.

Table linen - Hire service

Item/size Rate
20 Cover set £20.00
30 Cover set £25.00
50 Cover set £40.00

A 50% refundable deposit is required for table linen hire.

Contact us

Phone: 01765 279268 | Mobile: 07881 436741

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Customer reviews

Very helpful, very accommodating. Laundry spotless and ironed to perfection. The Ripon Laundrette services all our restaurant/room laundry and provides an excellent and affordable service.
Amanda, The Crown Inn, Roecliffe
Always spotless and clean, very friendly, swift service, and whatever the weather, you’re always greeted with a smile!
Jo Keith, North Street
Very helpful and friendly and very clean.
Brendan Lynch, North Street
It’s always open and always clean, with friendly service, always accommodating.
Michelle Cater, Markington

Washing Tips

Correct load = good wash

Correct load = good wash

Overloaded = Poor results

Overloaded = Poor results